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About us

Our mission

We aim to offer peace of mind to our colleagues in the trucking industry by providing them with the most reliable and comprehensive legalization and transportation safety service of the industry. We will do it as if it were our own trucks because we understand. We know what it's like to transport goods. We have been in their shoes. Through our clear vision, innovation, infinite knowledge, sharp attention to detail, concrete commitment, and sincere business relationships, we want to help our teammates, clients, and suppliers succeed a little more each day. We believe in everyone's success, and we know it will be challenging at times. We will work hard every day to achieve it and be proud and grateful to share it with those who, like us, aim for excellence.

Our values


We are part of a team. Our suppliers, colleagues and clients rely on us, and we rely on them. We work together for the same goal: everyone's success. We share trials and successes.


We commit. Our clients, colleagues and collaborators trust us. We commit to being there, to showing up, to taking responsability. We leave nothing to chance. We commit to delivering.


We believe in excellence but will always push that finish line closer to perfection. Every day, we learn, improve our methods, become better people. We are not perfect yet, but by aiming for excellence every day, we can offer our teammates and partners the best of ourselves.


A bit of history

Axys was established in 2007, by two business owners well-known in the permitting industry, Mr. Louis Juneau & Ms. Monique Comeau. Originally based out of Columbus OH, in 2011 Axys moved the headquarters to Florida, with all our employees working remotely across North America. There is certainly one knowing very well the area you are looking to go. Our agents combined have more than 200 years’ experience in the permitting industry. We understand the demands of the transportation industry and our goal is to offer our customers the best services in today's competitive market. Axys quickly became a top trucking industry leader providing a one-stop shop of regulatory services including OS/OW permits, Trip/Fuel permits and DOT compliance. Known for providing fast, accurate and affordable permits for all continental States and Canada. In June of 2022, together with our sister company (Nova Permits and Pilot Cars) we announced an allied partnership with ProMiles Software Development Corporation, North America, for the provision of Permit Manager, a single-source, multi jurisdiction permit management solution. As a result of this groundbreaking technology, Axys now delivers our customers, with the most superior and efficient permitting experience possible.

The Permit Manager is a paperless, cloud-based OS/OW permit application and permit management solution designed for single-point permit application submission, for multi-jurisdiction permits, routing and quote management. On August 31, 2023, Axys changed ownership and is now under the leadership of Mr. Stephane Labillois, a successful entrepreneur dedicated to the trucking industry since 1996 partnering with a long-time dedicated employee Mr. Chris Alain. Recently, we have expanded our network, built a stronger team, and successful created a Pilot Car division. Offering a large network of pilot car companies and drivers across North America and Canada to a multi-source of clientele. Axys Permits and Pilot cars success is built on strong company core values. Our dedicated longtime employees, take pride in their work and it shows through their compassion and devotions towards all our customers. They are the true driving force for us to continue thriving and to stay ahead of the competition by offering our customers everything they need to arrive at their destination with permits in hand and on time!

Our team

Meet the management

Donna Beaudoin
Donna Beaudoin
Vice-President Operations

Axys relies on a team of over 50 dedicated men and women committed to serving their clients. Each of our teammates shares the same commitment to serving our clients well, being efficient, and ensuring safe and compliant transportation for all.

Imagine all the knowledge available. Together, we accumulate over 300 years of experience in the industry. Some of our colleagues have been with us since the beginning. Together, our team can boast of knowing everything about the specialized permits and transportation industry. If an employee doesn't have the answer, they can rely on the support of 50 people to find it, and it won't take long!

Furthermore, our leadership team understands the trucking industry in all its details. Our president has operated truck fleets throughout his career. He understands your concerns and expectations. Constantly, he ensures that the entire team has all the tools to support each situation with professionalism and speed. Transport is like a show. When the curtain rises, when the client is waiting, we must be there!

All this knowledge and the willingness to serve our people, you can benefit from it. Just contact us, and it will be a pleasure to discuss your projects with you!